What is Elachi?

Elachi basically means "Cardamom" - An aromatic spice indigenous to south India and Sri Lanka, cardamom seeds come from a plant belonging to the ginger family. They are contained in small pods about the size of a cranberry. Cardamom has a wonderful aroma and an enticing warm, spicy-sweet flavour. The whole pods can be added to dishes, or the seeds can be extracted and either added whole or ground.

Our Message

Ever since the day Columbus set sail in search of the "Golden Sparrow", the unexplored land of riches, India has come a long way - variety in religion, language, custom and dress. It is also a 'melting pot' of various ethnic cuisines, nutriously complete in themselves yet so diverse in taste, methodology, flavour and presentation.

Situated in the village of Armthorpe at the eastern edge of the Doncaster, we at Elachi are very keen to demonstate our culinary skills, flexibility and passion for Indian and Bangladeshi cooking and with decades of experiance, our chef's are very happy to style any dish to suit your taste.

You can be confident in the quality of products as we only use the finest and freshest of ingridents - definitely the best as quality is the bedrock of this company. So permit us to take you on an adventurous gourmet experience that will leave a lingering taste urging you to come back to us.

Our Mission

To make sure that each guest receives professional, friendly and courteous service. To maintain a clean, comfortable and well maintained premises for our guests and staff. To provide finest Indian & Bangladeshi food using only quality ingredients. To ensure that all guests and staff are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. To thank each guest for the opportunity to serve them.



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